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There is overwhelming evidence that inhaling vapor produced by an e-Cigarette is better for you than traditional tobacco.

First, watch this video

There is overwhelming evidence that inhaling vapor produced by an e-Cigarette is dramatically better for you than continuing a traditional tobacco smoking habit.

It's often difficult and confusing to find good solid evidence either FOR or AGAINST the health benefits and concerns with smoking e-Cigarettes. I hope this list helps some of you in your own quest to better health. Please sound off in the comments if you have other information to add :)

Positive Studies, Links & Videos

Regarding 2nd hand smoke by flavorart

 The Smoking show with Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos

Mayo Clinic Minute: Are e-cigarettes safe?

Electronic Cigarettes & Indoor Environmental Concerns

Chest X-Rays of 20 year smoker before and after switching to e-Cigs - ASH Briefing: Electronic Cigarettes

Addiction Research Report

Positive Opinions & Arguments

Nicotine has been in use as an insecticide for OVER 200 years at 40% concentration, and is still in use in Canada. E-cigarettes typically use 2% concentration, estimated 98%+ is absorbed by the user. You literally have to suck someone's face for hours just to get as much nicotine that one can get with just 1 100g serving of egg plant.

Propylene glycol has a track record for safety, specifically for inhalation, for OVER 50 years. Ignoring nebulizers, and hospital air sanitation systems, we have home fog machines that consume more PG in an hour than a e-cig user can consume in a year.

We have LorAnn oils which ARE the standard for baking and e-cigarettes, that are approved for use in confectioneries, which are baked at hundreds of degrees C. E-cigarettes typically operate WELL under 100C, 60C typical.

E-cigarettes are like Glade Plugins, except Glade Plug-ins have a documented higher impact on public health. Because they use Paraffinic based compounds, they have a HMIS rating of 2, vs e-cigarettes which are based on propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, and HMIS rating of 1. Same would apply to paraffin candles, totally unregulated, produce more vapor than e-cigarettes, and all objective evidence to date indicate they pose a higher health risk than e-cigarettes.

The primary issue is Canada allows the sale of tobacco cigarettes, which are estimated at affecting the natural lifespan of 1/2 it's users, killing 1% of it's user base yearly, and have an objective impact to bystander health. On the other hand, with e-cigarettes, over 2.5 million users in the US, and not one case of serious illness, injury, or death reported. For this reason Health Canada's position is unacceptable.

Negative Studies, Reports & Videos

e-Cig Explodes in Florida Man's Mouth

Flavorings-related lung disease

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For our french speaking friends, here is the best guide to electronic cigarette you will find online: Arrêter de fumer - Espace Débutant - Les avantages de la cigarette électronique.

This list is a constant work in progress.